Long Term Disability Lawyer Fees

Were you denied disability and have questions about long term disability lawyer fees? Watch this video, then contact Paukert & Troppmann.


How much does it cost to hire a long term disability attorney?


Many people are pleasantly surprised to discover that we take long term disability cases on a contingency basis. We front the costs without interest, only receiving compensation if we win the claim for our client.

This is an area that attorneys vary pretty drastically in. We’ve seen some attorneys charge hourly, some attorneys charge a third, and some attorneys charge as much as 40%.

We recommend seeking an attorney’s help for your long term disability claim, but also urge you to meet with any attorney you are considering before you commit to one. Ask what their fee is and find out the value the lawyer will bring to your case.

It’s a mistake to take on a long term disability case on your own. Occasionally, there are cases—usually smaller personal injury cases—in which we’ve told people, “You don’t need an attorney. We’re just going to guide you through it. You don’t need to pay us a fee.” Long term disability claims are not among them.

Have you been seriously injured resulting in long term disability and have questions about long term disability lawyer fees? Contact our experienced Spokane Long Term Disability Attorneys at the Paukert & Troppmann today to schedule your confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

We are here to guide you.

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