3 Construction Accident Tips

Have you been seriously injured on a work site? Check out these 3 construction accident tips, then call our Spokane lawyers to get started.

1. Case Timeline

3 Construction Accident TipsResolving a construction site accident injury claim, the time frame will vary. It’s going to depend on the answer to this is that your claim’s timeline will depend on several factors.

The first is how quickly the injured party can reach maximum medical improvement. Once there, the timeline will depend on how willing the insurance company is to come to the table and consider a full and fair settlement. If we’re unable to come to a fair and amicable resolution, then the case must proceed to trial.

Unfortunately, a trial can take some time, but hiring the right lawyer will benefit you in either case. Either you won’t need to go to trial because the insurance company is not interested in taking on your lawyer in court, or you do have to go to court and therefore need the skills of your trail lawyer to win your claim.

The right construction accident attorney will provide reassurance and guidance throughout the process of your claim. The right lawyer will have the skill and experience to bring you the best possible outcome, whether in court or at the negotiating table.

2. Claim Value

Construction site accident case values vary depending on several factors. These factors maybe the injury, the circumstances surrounding the injury, what caused the injury, what sort of job were you performing when you were injured, and the length of that job.

An experienced construction accident attorney will address these questions during their accident investigation. They will gather evidence and testimony and seek to connect the actions of the at-fault parties to the injuries that resulted.

The value is also going to hinge on what the victim’s damages are. These are all the ways they are negatively impacted by the accident, economically and otherwise. An experienced construction accident attorney will address all the aspects involved in arriving at the value of a claim.

3. Attorney Fees

We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee. This means we don’t recover a dime until you do.

We cover the costs of your claim from beginning to end, including the investigation, research, administration, communication with the insurance company, and if necessary, litigation expenses, such fees for experts. We front those costs for you so you can move your forward without worry over out-of-pocket expenses.

Have you been seriously injured on a work site and have questions about 3 construction accident tips? Contact our experienced Spokane Construction Accident Attorneys at the Paukert & Troppmann today to schedule your confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

We are here to guide you.

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