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5 Christine Weaver via Google logo

Attorney Kathy Paukert is one of the most knowledgeable trial attorneys in Eastern Washington in the a area of personal injury law. She is thoughtful and helpful even when she tells you exactly how the law views your situation and it isn’t what you wanted to hear. Oftentimes, that is what you need. Also, Kathy fights hard for all her clients regardless of the size of the case.

5 Herzog Family Center via Google logo

I have worked with Paukert and Troppmann now for nearly 15 years. This is a professional and successful legal team. I highly recommend this proficient legal group and encourage you to explore how they can support you.

5 Evkev Hodgson via Google logo

Loved it!

5 DMC Customs Google logo

Super Awesome

5 Demetrius Lee Google logo

5 Principal via Martindalelogo

I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Paukert on cases as opposing counsel and enlist her services as a mediator. Ms. Paukert is an excellent attorney who works hard for her clients while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

5 Attorney via Martindalelogo

Kathleen Paukert is is one of the rare lawyers who is outstanding at both plaintiff and defense work.

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Kathy is an exceptional lawyer and person. She exhibits the kinds of characteristics that all lawyers should aspire to. Kathy is fair to her opponents while being a zealous advocate for her clients. I recommend Kathy without reservation.

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Kathy has taken incredibly difficult cases and, with her knowledge of the law and compassion for her clients, turned them into something to be proud of. She works hard for her clients and uses the law to both aid and shield her clients. As an attorney, I chose Kathy to represent me when I needed it. For me, there is no bigger accolade.

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Ms. Paukert has been a colleague since the mid 1990s, and she represented my juvenile son when he was involved in a car accident approximately five years ago. Ms. Paukert negotiated an incredible settlement for my son, and she was great at explaining the status of the case and all of the relevant details. As a colleague, I have found Ms. Paukert to be professional, smart, a supportive colleague and a real asset to the legal community in Spokane. Her clients are fortunate to have her!

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Kathy is highly respected in our community. She is a smart fair-minded attorney with excellent legal skills.

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Kathy has been opposing counsel on several cases and she has also mediated a few of my cases. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to deal with.

5 Sole Practitioner via Martindale logo

Very professional demeanor and good customer service skills.

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

Kathy is a credit to the profession of law. She is honest, and ethical. She vigorously represents her clients. She is very well respected. She is a good listener.. She has all the qualities to be a great judge. She has developed a significant practice in both plaintiff and defense work. She is also a manager of her firm. I rate her at the very high end of professionalism and competence.

5 Partner via Martindale logo

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

5 Attorney via Martindale logo

5 Partner via Martindale logo

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5 Managing Partner via Martindale logo

5 Partner via Martindale logo

5 Partner via Martindale logo

5 Susan via Avvo logo

We hired Kathy to help us with a personal injury claim against an insurance company. She was straightforward, honest, and an excellent communicator. She had the expertise to handle it and was able to assist us with an excellent settlement. We could not be happier with her work. We highly recommend her.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

We hired Kathy to help our family with a nursing home case. She was a pleasure to work with and is extremely knowledgeable in this area of the law. We would highly recommend her. She is responsive, intelligent, professional, and caring. Thank you, Kathy! (Also kudos to her wonderful office staff.)

5 Kevin via Avvo logo

Kathleen took a case that others may have declined and made it happen. Super cool and professional. Highly recommended.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Kathy Paukert represented me on a personal injury matter. Because of her knowledge and experience, the matter was settled in a timely, professional and very fair manner. I would not hesitate to hire Kathy again and would recommend her highly to family and friends.

5 P & J R via Avvo logo

Kathleen was kind and efficient and we appreciate her help on our recent dismissed case. thank you!!!

5 John via Avvo logo

I met Kathy and Mike Paukert through a mutual friend. I had a slip and fall claim that they handled beautifully. They were professional, thorough, friendly and kept me in the loops during the process. The insurance company was bullying me and Kathy and Mike put a stop to it. They also have a great staff that is willing to go above and beyond to be helpful.

5 Paul via Avvo logo

Mr. Paukert came to our aid when our son was seriously injured in an auto accident. None of the carriers were forthcoming till she expertly stepped up the stakes. It took three years for auto insurers and HMOs to do the right thing, and throughout it all she was patient but firm and persistent. We have nothing but respect for Ms. Paukert, as did the judge most openly when we finally settled.

5 Jeannie Lengyel via Avvo logo

I have hired Kathy twice. She has an excellent knowledge of the law & I was very pleased with the results & the settlements both times. She works fast but was maticulous with my cases. Would definitely hire her again!

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

I was referred to Kathy by a friend for my automobile accident. While she gave me great advice while not trying to sell herself to me I eventually chose her when insurance companies kept contacting me. She acted very professional and would always recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer.

5 Stephen via Avvo logo

Kathy handled a ERISA case, a disability lawsuit admirably. Finding anybody in Spokane with familiarity and comfort dealing with large terrible Insurance company was very difficult. I have nothing but good things to say about her services

5 Bob and Margaret via Avvo logo

In my 68 years of life in America my wife and I have found need of an Attorney’s help more than a few times, be it for business or help in fighting for a fair settlement from the insurance companies in two automobile accidents, neither of which were the fault of my wife or myself. Of all the attorneys we have used, Kathy Paukert stands far above the rest in knowledge, dedication to her clients’ best interest, and most importantly, results. She knows the ropes of the legal “game” inside and out, not to mention excellent relationships with the key players, and is incredibly detailed in the depth’s of her research. And she never gives up or settles for less. In fact, the settlement my wife and I received following a recent traffic accident, although well deserved considering the pain I will suffer for the rest of my life, far exceeded our expectations, especially after our personal attempt to negotiate a fair settlement directly with a senior claims officer at the driver at fault’s Insurance, company. Since you are obviously here out of need, I must say that you will never find a better, more caring, dedicated, or competent attorney to represent your needs in Washington or Idaho.

5 Michael via Avvo logo

I was referred to Kathy through a close friend after getting into a terrible car accident where I sustained a severe concussion and neck injury. Although I was not at fault the other driver’s insurance company was going to hold me partially liable for the accident. It was at this time that I made my appointment with Kathy, which I am extremely grateful I did because she did everything in my best interest to a “T”. Being both mentally and physically unable to deal with most of the intricacies of my case for months after the incident, Kathy was very helpful explaining to me my options for the present and future. Kathy and her helpful staff handled everything for me and therefore taking all the stress off of myself which greatly helped with my recovery process. If I ever had any question, concern or other issue she was always there for me and provided me with everything I needed to get through my case as well as other advice where applicable. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case and getting my life back together wouldn’t have been possible without her help. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who needs the best representation within her scope of practice. Thanks Kathy!!

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

The law group of Paukert and Sherman is top notch. I have been with Mrs. Paukert for over 11 years and she has consistently represented me with professionalism, kindness, integrity and determination. My case has been against an insurance company that has seen me only as a social security number and not a human being. My family is a military family and we have endured countless relocations and deployments. This law firm stuck by me and regardless of no longer being in the same state, always represented me.
When seeking legal counsel, you need someone trustworthy and reliable. Someone who cares for your needs and is a good listener. Her staff (Kris, Margaret) maintains the same professionalism and kindness. You could not go with a better lawyer and a better team of legal experts. Mrs. Paukert is not one to back down against the “big corporations” and will give you a voice when yours has been silenced with injustice and unfairness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for me and my family and fighting for what is good and right and fair in the world. We won. We beat them. We were right.

5 Debbie via Avvo logo

We are so pleased with the service that we received from Michael Paukert. He was thorough, quick and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. We had been battling our lender over an insurance claim for 4 months and he was able to resolve the issue with our lender in one day. He kept us from litigation with the vendor who needed payment. Thank you Mr. Paukert.

5 John via Avvo logo

I met Kathy and Mike Paukert through a mutual friend. I had a slip and fall claim that they handled beautifully. They were professional, thorough, friendly and kept me in the loop during the process. The insurance company was bullying me and Kathy and Mike put a stop to it. They also have a great staff that is willing to go above and beyond to be helpful.

5 James via Avvo logo

Mike handled a Chapter 7 case for us. It was one of the most challenging and unsettling decisions of our lives, but working with Mike through the process was amazing. Not only is Mike a highly qualified and well respected attorney in Spokane, his calm presence and reassuring personality made the process manageable. He kept us well informed, provided us with tremendous perspective and helped us through a difficult time. We were referred to Mike by a colleague, and we are so grateful for the recommendation and for the opportunity to work through the proceedings with Mike by our side.

5 Todd via Avvo logo

We met Mike at a most stressful time in our lives. With the rescission in full force, we were forced to shut down our business and file bankruptcy. With the loss of our business, our houses and almost all material possessions (although we still filled the largest Penske truck available when we moved to Arizona), it was the bleakest period of my life I’ve ever experienced. Mike’s expertise and as important, his humanity, was a guiding light during this traumatic time. Although not a practicing attorney (although I will now take the Arizona bar), I have dealt with many attorney’s and found that Mike had a unique perspective on the process, was extremely knowledgeable and kept us well grounded in that “this too will pass.” As well as being a top notch attorney, Mike is also a great guy.

5 Cynthia via Avvo logo

i slip and fell on ice and was injured. And insurance companies were pointing finger’s at one another. Mr. Beggs and his team took my burden and were the most helpful and sensitive to my issue. the best group of people . i am thankful for all they did for me

5 Robbie via Avvo logo

Breean is intensely pragmatic, which is exactly what you want from a lawyer. He calls situations as he sees them and will let you what he believes the odds are, favorable or not. He also genuinely believes in the cases he takes on. I worked with Breean for about 15 months and he always kept my hopes for the outcome at the center of our strategy. We were able to pivot when necessary, he always listened, and he made sure that our time was well utilized. Working with an attorney can be a stressful affair, and I cannot stress enough the value of having someone so even-keeled. Breean is truly an expert and one to be leaned on for his advise. He ultimately leaves the final decision up to you and will do his best to carve out a path that yields as many favorable choices as possible. My lasting impression of Breean is that he truly see’s his talents and abilities as a service to his clients. He is a servant to his work. I cannot recommend Breean highly enough. While I hope to never need his services again, if I do, I won’t hesitate to call.

5 Brian via Avvo logo

Breean took my case, and a difficult case it was I might add. He believed in me and he worked hard for me. And in the end we prevailed. I am very pleased with the outcome. His work performance and communication were fantastic. I highly recommend him as a lawyer. Thanks for everything!

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Breean has been a god-send to me. I always feel valued and that he and his staff (especially Leslie!) care about me – NOT just about the “case” – they have held my hand many times. I am so impressed with Breean’s gentle, compassionate spirit. They are knowledgeable and always keep me informed. I couldn’t have done any of this without them.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Breean, took on my case after 2 other attorneys had looked at it and gave me some honest options, and a little hope. I decided to let him run with it. Being in business for 12 years and losing the company was not a pleasant thought or one I wanted to live with. Breean ploted out a plan and let me know the pros and cons he was allways 1 to 2 steps ahead . It took some time and it was a pain, however not as much for me as the bastard who tried to take my company. Breean kept me civil and focused and when it was all done it was fair and just. WE WON!! Breean took a very personal intrest in this case and I can not thank him enough.

5 Molly via Avvo logo

After speaking to two other lawyers in the Spokane area, I was discouraged and scared for my future. Breean Beggs changed the way I view lawyers and the law, even myself and my place in this community. He was very patient with me and explained information to me in a way I was able to understand and relate to. Being younger and uneducated when it comes to the law, I never thought a high profile lawyer would take the time to let alone represent me, but also make me feel important and heard. I cannot express the gratitude and respect that I have for Mr. Beggs. He genuinely cares for his clients, and all humans. I feel very fortuante to have had the opportunity to know Breean Beggs as a lawyer and a person.

5 Jim via Avvo logo

Over the course of the last year, I have spoken to many, many lawyers. Breean was, by far, the most responsive, thoughtful, and dedicated professional I encountered. He has been sensitive but straightforward regarding the ins-and-outs of our case. He clearly loves his work and pours all of his vast reserves of knowledge and energy into it with conviction, creativity, and genuine concern. I cannot recommend Breean highly enough.

5 Judith via Avvo logo

Breean was superior in his knowledge of RCW state laws and the procedures of Small Claims Court. In my never having a prior experience in small claims court, his help absolutely relieved a most stressful issue. His explanation of legal technical terms was thorough and in words I could readily understand. He was always expedient in returning my phone contact requests. Without his involvement in my case, I am certain that I would not have had the positive and best beneficial outcome found in my favor.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

She works hard for her clients and kept me informed about everything!! She is passionate about what she does, knoweledgable, and a truly caring person!!

5 Ben via Avvo logo

Andrea did a great job collecting money from an insurance bond for a contractor who disappeared and stole money from us. I could not have been happier with her level of service and the results. I highly recommend her.

5 Kay via Avvo logo

My husband and I had been putting off getting our Will done. My niece told me about Andrea and how helpful she was. I contacted her, she sent me the information to fill out, I asked her questions and she was always extremely helpful and explained a number of things to us. It was a pleasure to meet her when we signed the paperwork. We have all four documents done and feel such relief that everything is taken care of! I have been referring her to friends and family.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

We had a great experience with Andrea. She was very prepared for our meeting and was knowledgeable about what we needed. She was great at maintaining contact and making sure we understood our legal work. She was also flexible and accommodating with her time!

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

She handled my mother’s probate, and was caring, compassionate and very competent. She made a tough time less stressful for all of us. I recommend her highly.

5 Anonymous via Avvo logo

Teresa stays focused and agressive in the court room. She is accommodating and easy to work with.

5 Robbi via Avvo logo

I was fortunate to work with Beth Dillon for about six months. Beth is a fantastic attorney with tremendous interpersonal skills. She consistently listened to my concerns and made every effort to address them quickly. While I am unsure of all that she did behind the scenes, she never left me wondering if she was doing a good job as she was always prepared, punctual, and professional. Beth is supremely dependable. Between her legal acumen and exceptionally high emotional quotient, Beth makes an fantastic attorney.

5 Karen and Michael via Avvo logo

Great,efficient responsiveness and very knowledgeable. Never felt like Doug didn’t have time for us, never felt rushed in a conversation. Very professional, very interested in how his client was doing and recovering. Doug understood how to navigate between agencies/businesses, put us at ease by taking over communications immediately so his client could focus on recovering. Doug did well in moving things along as much as possible. Will definetely recommend Doug to family/friends!!

5 Corina via Avvo logo

Doug is a very good lawyer, if anyone ever asked me if I could recommend one. then this is your guy. He did things in the case that were amazing. The way he made my dad come alive and have total strangers know my dad was totally amazing. Even though my dad is gone, he finally had his justice, not only through us, but also through Doug. He truely goes that extra mile, sometimes when you think things weren’t looking well, he put the icing in the cake. He truely is an amazing lawyer. Our family can never say enough about him. My father’s justice finally came when the verdict came back………….Guilty, now someone was responsible for his outcome. Thank you so much Doug. May you have total success in all your endevors.

5 Debbie via Avvo logo

Mr. McDermott (Doug) I felt was an excellent attorney. He kept me well informed during the time of my services. He responded immediately to all questions and/or concerns I had. I would highly recommend his services without hesitation.