4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Motorcycle Case

Were you seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash? Read these 4 ways to get ahead on your motorcycle case, then call our Spokane lawyers.

1. Claim Value

4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Motorcycle CaseDetermining the value of a motorcycle accident injury claim requires having all the facts from the accident investigation and knowledge of the victim’s damages, both now and down the road.

It’s extremely difficult to determine the extent of injuries early on, because you don’t know whether injuries are going to resolve quickly or whether they might be ongoing for some time or even permanent.

The attorney can begin the accident investigation right away while their client is healing. During this process, all at-fault parties will be identified, and evidence will be gathered to connect the negligent actions of the at-fault parties to the accident. Time is always of the essence in getting the investigation going as quickly as possible to ensure the strongest case can be built using all available evidence.

For these reasons, when somebody first comes in to talk about the value of their motorcycle accident claim, we tell them we may not be able to give them a reliable estimate of their claim’s value right away, but we will know over time. If a lawyer says otherwise, they’re simply not being honest with you.

When over the course of months we learn that injuries have resolved, we’ll have a good idea what your overall damages are, such as lost wages from time spent recovering.

If as time goes on, we learn your injuries will take longer to resolve or possibly never resolve, we’re going to put a number on your lost wages depending on the time frame you must be out of work. Sometimes, unfortunately, that’s the rest of your life.

2. Choosing the Best Attorney

You need to choose a trial lawyer with experience winning the specific type of claim you have.

It’s important to retain an attorney who can handle a trial, should that become necessary, so you have someone who can take your claim from start all the way to the finish, in whatever venue that must be to bring you the compensation you deserve.

Having one capable lawyer handle your claim ensures they know every facet of your claim and how to move it forward. You don’t want somebody learning on the job who hasn’t done this before. Not every claim goes according to plan. You need somebody who’s seen cases go sideways and knows how to minimize the chances of that happening. They’ll also recognize if it begins to happen in your case and reign it in.

You want an attorney who knows how to efficiently manage your case timeline to prevent it from being unnecessarily dragged out. Someone who can efficiently bring you the best possible result.

3. Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake somebody can make in a motorcycle accident injury claim is trying to resolve it on their own without a lawyer. Doing this invariably means coming into direct communication with the insurance company, which will put your claim in jeopardy.

It’s important to have a lawyer to advocate for you in your motorcycle accident claim, particularly because they will speak to the insurance company for you, preventing your claim from being denied or devalued. You can bet the insurance company has lawyers to protect them; level the playing field by having one, too.

While the insurance company is not necessarily “The Bad Guy,” it’s critical to remember it is a business, and its survival comes from bringing in more than it pays out. The financial goal of the insurance company is to deny every claim they can and settle those they can’t deny for as little as possible.

4. Emotional Distress

When somebody calls us after a motorcycle accident, they’re often feeling quite vulnerable. Motorcycle accidents are traumatic events, and it’s not uncommon for victims to have very severe injuries. And on top of dealing with the pain and distress of those injuries, there are financial concerns that must be dealt with.

The injured person may not know whether they’re going to be able to pay their medical bills, because their injury has prevented them from working. They may or may not have medical insurance. They don’t know if they’re going to be able to return to work quickly enough to pay their mortgage, rent, or other expenses.

People injured in motorcycle accidents have many questions, and they need somebody to take the time to discuss their situation and answer those questions.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash and have questions about these 4 ways to get ahead on your motorcycle case? Contact our experienced Spokane Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at the Paukert & Troppmann today to schedule your confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

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