What to Do If You’re Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in Washington

Washington State is known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. However, with the growing population and increased traffic on the roads, pedestrian accidents have become a major concern for public safety. Pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries that can leave victims with significant physical, emotional, and financial damages.

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident in Washington, it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Here are some important things to do if you find yourself in such a situation:

Seek Medical AttentionWhat to Do If You're Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in Washington

Your health should be your top priority after a pedestrian accident. Even if you feel that your injuries are minor, it is important to seek medical attention right away. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent but could be serious, such as internal bleeding or a traumatic brain injury.

Additionally, seeing a doctor will create medical records that will help to document your injuries and provide evidence for your claim later on. Make sure to follow the doctor’s orders and attend all scheduled appointments, as failing to do so could be used against you in a personal injury case.

Contact Law Enforcement

It is important to contact the police immediately after a pedestrian accident. The police will create an official report that will document the accident scene, including any evidence and witness statements. The report will also include details such as the time and location of the accident, the parties involved, and any injuries sustained.

Make sure to get a copy of the police report, as it will be an essential piece of evidence in your personal injury case.

Document the Accident Scene

If possible, take pictures and videos of the accident scene, including any damages to vehicles, the location of the accident, and any visible injuries. This evidence will help to establish liability and prove the extent of your damages.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney can help you navigate the legal process and protect your legal rights. They can help you to understand your legal options, negotiate with insurance companies, and file a personal injury lawsuit if necessary.

Make sure to choose an attorney who has experience handling pedestrian accident cases in Washington. They will have the necessary knowledge and skills to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Do Not Speak to Insurance Adjusters Without an Attorney

Insurance adjusters may try to contact you soon after the accident in an attempt to settle your claim quickly and for less than what you are owed. Do not speak to them without an attorney present. They may try to get you to admit fault or minimize the extent of your injuries, which could hurt your case.

Keep Track of Your Damages

Make sure to keep track of all your medical bills, receipts, and any other expenses related to the accident. This includes lost wages, transportation costs, and any other costs related to your injury. Your attorney will use this information to help you calculate the compensation you are owed.

Be Careful with Social Media

Be careful about what you post on social media following a pedestrian accident. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys may use your social media accounts to try and disprove your claims or minimize your injuries. Avoid posting anything that could be taken out of context or used against you in your case.

Be Patient

Personal injury cases can take time, so it is important to be patient. Your attorney will work to build a strong case and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. While waiting for your case to resolve, focus on your recovery and following your doctor’s orders.

Being injured in a pedestrian accident can be a traumatic experience. However, taking the necessary steps to protect your legal rights can help you recover from your injuries and move forward. Seek medical attention, document the accident scene, contact an experienced personal injury attorney, and be patient. These steps will help you to receive fair compensation for your injuries and hold the responsible party accountable.

As a personal injury law firm based in Washington, we at Paukert & Troppmann, PLLC have extensive experience in helping those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents. We understand the legal process can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with injuries and recovery. That’s why we are dedicated to guiding you through the process and fighting for your rights.

Here are some ways we can help with your pedestrian accident case:

Investigation: Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene to gather evidence that will support your case. This includes reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, and hiring accident reconstruction experts.

Negotiation: We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. We will work to maximize your settlement and will not settle for less than what you are owed.

Litigation: If necessary, we can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience and will fight for your rights in court.

Communication: We will keep you informed throughout the legal process and will be available to answer any questions you have. We will also communicate with medical providers, insurance adjusters, and other parties involved in your case to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Compassionate Care: We understand how traumatic pedestrian accidents can be, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate care to our clients. We will work to reduce your stress and help you focus on your recovery.

In summary, we at Paukert & Troppmann, PLLC can help you in a pedestrian accident case by conducting a thorough investigation, negotiating with insurance companies, filing a lawsuit if necessary, keeping you informed, and providing compassionate care. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Washington, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.