Traumatic Brain Injury Case Value

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How do I determine the value of a traumatic brain injury claim?


All cases including traumatic brain injury vary in their value. There is no pre-determined set-in-stone value. Anybody that tells you different isn’t telling you the truth.

The value of each traumatic brain injury claim will depend on the severity of the victim’s injury and the damages that result from that injury. It will also depend on the outcome of the accident investigation.

During the investigation, your attorney will seek to identify all at-fault parties, clarify liability, and connect the actions of the liable parties with the injuries that resulted.

Liability can be a factor in that as sometimes the person suffering the traumatic brain injury might bear some responsibility for the accident. In such a case, the liability of the other at-fault parties will be reduced by the degree to which the victim bears responsibility. It’s all going to be fact-specific to the individual case.

When assessing damages, the injured person must reach the point of maximum medical improvement for the attorney to be sure they request sufficient compensation. This term means the victim must recover as much as is possible from their injuries. Doing so tells us as lawyers whether the person’s injuries will resolve.

This part of the claim cannot be rushed, because requesting a settlement amount before we know if the person with the brain injury will face long term challenges can shortchange their compensation. The amount we request for an injury that has resolved is going to be less than what we must request if the victim faces lifetime health challenges.

Each of these elements in a traumatic brain injury must be addressed on a case-by-case basis to ensure an accurate claim value is reached.

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