Bus Accident Injury Tips

Were you seriously injured in a wreck and have questions? Check out these bus accident injury tips, then contact our Spokane attorneys today.

Case Timeline

Bus Accident Injury TipsIn the very beginning of a bus accident claim, it’s often not possible to know how long a resolution will take. Sometimes you can give a range and say this is going to resolve within maybe up to three months or six months. But until you’ve gotten an understanding of the victim’s damages and the willingness of the other side to negotiate in good faith, it’s impossible to say.

On the other hand, if you can tell early on that a case is going to go to trial based on the nature of the injuries, timeframe is not as difficult to estimate. Trials usually take out about 18 months. The same is true if you’ve gained clarity on damages but the insurance company is not showing a willingness to come to the table in good faith. In such a case, you know from that point onward you’re looking at an approximate timeframe of 18 months to go through a trial.

Claim Value

The value of a bus accident injury claim is usually unknowable in the very beginning, because  the extent of the person’s injuries aren’t clear. We must discover whether those injuries are going to resolve over time or become permanent.

The answers to these questions form the basis for a claim’s damages, and until your attorney has the answers, it’s impossible to say what the value of a case might be.

Claim value is established through a process that evolves over the course of the victim’s recovery. If an attorney gives you a case value from the start with nothing to base it on, it’s best to look for another attorney, because that one is willing to lie to you to get your business.

As your case goes on, the needed answers will develop. It may be four, five, or six months until an injury is resolved. At that point, you’ll have a good understanding of the value of the case in terms of economic damages and non-economic damages.

Until your injury is resolved or you know it won’t fully resolve, you won’t have clarity on your damages. For example, you can’t know the amount of wage loss you’ll experience due to missed work to recover until you’ve recovered.

It’s important not to settle a claim before knowing whether injuries are permanent. For example, you learn over the course of time that injuries are not going to completely heal, but instead become permanent. If you settle such a case before you realize you have permanent injuries, you are low-balling your own case.

It’s critical to have the right lawyer, because if you discover you’re going to have permanent injuries, that lawyer will need to bring in the right expert to talk about the nature and extent of those permanent injuries. Ongoing treatment associated with your permanent injuries must be factored into your damages to ensure a sufficient dollar value is placed on what your case is worth.

Attorney Fees

We don’t charge anything in attorney’s fees unless we successfully resolve your bus accident claim.

Come talk to us and have all your questions answered, we won’t charge you a dime. If we take your case, we won’t charge you anything in attorney’s fees unless we successfully resolve your claim. You’ve got nothing to lose by contacting us about becoming your attorneys and everything to gain. Let us show you how having experienced legal advocates on your side can make all the difference.

Were you or a loved one badly injured in a crash with or on public transportation and have questions about bus accident injury tips? Contact our experienced Spokane Bus Accident Lawyers at the Paukert & Troppmann today to schedule your confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

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