3 Employment Law Tips

Are you choosing an employment attorney? Learn these 3 employment law tips in this article. Then give our Spokane attorneys a call.

Choosing an Employment Attorney

3 Employment Law TipsThere are several qualities you must make sure your employment lawyer possesses to get the best results when dealing with employee challenges.

Make sure your attorney is attentive and accessible. Situations change, sometimes hourly, so you need somebody who’s going to be accessible available to answer your questions immediately.

You also need an experienced trial lawyer. When dealing with employment situations, it’s vital to not only understand the ramifications of a court motion today, but what that could mean years down the road.

As experienced employment lawyers, we strive to assist our clients in preventing litigation. Every step we take and piece of advice we give is intended to help keep our clients and their organization out of the courts.

This doesn’t always work, but certainly our goal is to take every step possible to save our clients time and money. The advice we render to employer clients may not always be what they want to hear, but truly, it will help facilitate the most fair and reasonable result for all parties involved. And in the process, we strive to be as cost-effective as possible.

Mistakes an Employer Needs to Avoid

The most common mistake we see employers make when addressing an issue with an employee is “shooting from the hip” without stopping to seriously consider whether they know what they’re doing.

Employment law changes frequently. A solution that worked to resolve a problem with an employee six months ago won’t necessarily be correct now. It’s critical to consult with a lawyer to help guide you through employee challenges to avoid litigation.

Emotional Distress of an Employer

When an employer calls us with an employment-related question, they’re typically upset. Their employee is performing poorly or has caused some sort of chaos or stress for the business or organization. The employers are upset, and they want to take care of it properly and as efficiently as possible.

We understand the strain that comes with the human resources side of running a company. Our experienced employment lawyers can assist you with the wide spectrum of issues that may arise.
And in addition to being skilled trial lawyers, we excel in pre-trial resolutions to employment issues, saving you time and money through mediation and arbitration whenever possible.

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